Ass Fucked my First Black

I was no newbie to ass fucking, been doing it as often as a girl would let me. Truth is that I even prefer a good ass fucking than the pussy itself. Asses, especially chubby ones grip my cock tighter, squeezing it better and giving me a much more satisfying cum. One problem though is that I never ass fucked a black woman before. My buddies say black women are better at it since they have such chubby ass it could practically cover your whole cock. I decided to try this out for myself and the good thing was I already had a black girl in mind.
Wanda is a member of the typing pool and had the best tits ass I ever saw. They were fucking round and full, made to be grabbed and used by men. Lucky for me, Wanda was already showing signs of wanting to get laid. I can’t count how many times she would bend over in front of me, showing me her luscious brown tits. Tonight, I was gonna squeeze those boobs while fucking her in the ass. I already invited her for a date and was looking
forward to what was gonna happen after that.

Wanda didn’t make it hard for me. Soon as dinner was over and I brought her home, she grabbed my semi-hard cock and told me to fuck her. Grinning, I followed her to her room and stripped her. I fucked her pussy first because that’s what always gets women off. Once her juice was running all over her thighs, I used the fluid to loosen her tight asshole. “I’ll fuck your ass.” I told her seconds before I plunged my seven inches in her back door. She screamed then but I could tell this wasn’t her first ass fuck. Goddammit, it was so tight, tighter than her pussy. After a few seconds, Wanda was telling me to do it harder, faster. Finally, I came in her asshole and watched my cum squirt from her back door. Beautiful. Since then, black women is my choice when it comes to ass fucking.

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